Aid copter is a helicopter game with the idea of helping by doing jobs to the community such as transferring people to hospitals, extinguishing fires, and help police to find the criminals.

Aid copter will be playable on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, we are also planning to make it available on consoles like play station and Xbox.

While we were busy developing an RPG game, we saw a YouTube video showing a kid killing his friends at school. We were shocked! He used the same weapons and bag used in a known fighting game. Even his movements were a copy of that game.

For us, it was an eye-opener. This meant that the games we make would have a very big effect on children and that even if those games are designed for 18+ like that fighting game the kid was copying, kids are still playing it and it does change their way of thinking.

After a little search, we found out that there are so many fighting games on the market that could affect our children’s minds and mentality. This is why we stopped developing our RPG game immediately and searched for a helping game, a game that can imprint the idea of helping others in the minds of our loved ones, instead of destroying them with aggressive thoughts.

The idea of Aid Copter already existed in a very old game called “Sim Copter”. It was a great game and everyone who played it loved it. We all were waiting for the second edition, but unfortunately without luck.

We have adopted the idea in our game using a powerful game engine.

What are our skills?

Our main developer is a programmer since 1994, who loves to program, even in his free time. He has a bachelor’s in software engineering and a master’s degree in computer science. We also have many experienced designers and developers who can help us achieve our goal.

Progress until now

– Game tutorial Finished
– Tutorial scene Finished
– Main Scene Finished
– Game Scene Finished
– First city Finished
– MD-500 Helicopter Finished
– Saving system In Progress
– Transport mission template Finished
– Fire distinguishing mission template Not implemented
– Police help mission template Not implemented
– Multilingual support Not implemented
– Multilingual sound records Not implemented
– Advertising system Not implemented
– Xbox controller support Finished
– PS4 Controller support Finished
– Mobile controller support Finished
– Mobile tutorial video Finished
– Desktop tutorial video In Progress
– Helicopter crash system In Progress
– Helicopters engine power In Progress
– Helicopter body strength Not implemented
– Helicopter rotation flexibility Not implemented
– Helicopter pail Not implemented
– Helicopter seats In Progress
– Helicopter Colors Not implemented
– Helicopter Hosepipe Not implemented
– Helicopter Fuel tank Not implemented

What do we need?

We have tried to fund the project with our reserved budget, but it appears that it will cost a lot more than what we have reserved for it, but unfortunately, we have spent all that we have reserved.

Your logo on the splash screen

You can have your logo on our splash screen in two sizes, big and medium, this will show the world that you have supported us, and your help has helped us finish this game.

Some video’s showing the gameplay

Some screenshots of the gameplay

he base station of the aid copter
Another angle of the base station
A person who needs to be transported
You can see the flat through the window
Going to the target location
A sky view
Main menu
Settings menu
Upgrade menu

Risks and challenges

As we have already finished the base environment of the game and implemented many features of it, we can continue developing the game without any risks. The only shortage we have here is the development costs. We will need some gaming PCs and other hardware for developers and testers, we will also need consoles and a mac laptop for testing propose. We will use crowdfunding money to buy what we need.

Long-lasting design

The design has been already finished, we need to add the missing implementations and placing the missions on the game map. We will also need many helicopter models to add to our game, we have already implemented two models but needs a lot more. We will use crowdfunding money to buy what we need.